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A flying Car Successfully Made Its First Intercity Flight

A prototype of the AirCar flying car with BMW engine and regular fuel from a gas station successfully completed the first intercity 35-minute flight between Slovakia’s international airports.

Unlike eVTOL flying cars, which are more like big drones than cars, the AirCar is four-wheeled and flies. This means that it can use two types of transport, as a car and as an airplane.

This vehicle was developed by the company KleinVision and was introduced for the first time in 2019. The AirCar prototype made its maiden flight in late 2020 and has since made 142 successful landings and over 40 flying hours. The last 142 landings were made on June 28 after the first long-distance 35-minute journey from Nitra International Airport to Bratislava.

The vehicle was driven by Professor Stephen Klein, founder of KleinVision. After landing in Bratislava in 3 minutes, he turned the AirCar into a car again.

The company believes that in the future AirCar would completely privatize air traffic, because anyone who owns such a vehicle will be able to drive to the nearest airport and soar in the sky.

However, such a thing requires special protocols, documentation, certificates, etc., so it remains to be seen what will happen in the future.

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