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A French Police Officer Has Admitted in a Farewell Letter That He Is a Serial Killer That Police Have Been Searching For For Decades.

The decades-long search for the notorious French serial killer seems to have ended after the former gendarme, who later became a police officer, admitted in a farewell message that he was the notorious serial killer Le Grele.

A man identified by French media as Frasoa Verov was found dead on Wednesday in a rented apartment in the southern city of Le Grau-du-Roa, on the French Mediterranean coast, Al Jazeera reported.

The message found next to the body identifies the retired police officer as the serial killer known by the nickname Le Grele, which translates as a man with scars, French media report.

The 59-year-old was a gendarme (military police officer) before becoming a police officer and later retired. Police called him on September 24 to give a DNA sample, and his wife reported him missing on September 27.

The case was finally settled when an investigating judge recently decided to send letters to 750 gendarmes stationed in the Paris region at the time.

Verov is linked to four murders and six rapes, but Didier Saban, the lawyer representing the families, says there was undoubtedly more, and his death has left many families unanswered.

His assassinations and rapes shocked Paris between 1986 and 1994, but have never been resolved.

Among the shocking crimes attributed to him is the murder of 11-year-old Cecil Bloch. She was reported missing after not appearing at a school in Paris in 1986. Bloch’s body was later found under an old carpet in the basement of a building, and officials said at the time that she had been raped, strangled and stabbed, and that the case shocked France.

Other victims of Le Grele include 38-year-old Jules Politi, 20-year-old German Irmgard Miller and 19-year-old Karin Leroy.

The content of the letter has not been confirmed, but French media claim that he admitted that he used to have “impulses he could not control”, but has since “sorted himself out”. The media claim that he apparently confessed to the murders, without giving details about the victims and the circumstances.

Verov’s DNA matches the evidence found at the crime scene, prosecutors said, and further analyzes are under way.

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