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A Mystery That Does Not Give Scientists Peace: Why Are The Underground Lakes On Mars Where They Should Not Be?

Why are the underground lakes on Mars where they should not be?

The discovery, published in 2018, changed the understanding of the geology of Mars forever. Radar then detected a “shiny spot” below the surface, indicating the existence of an underground reservoir of running water.

After a series of analyzes, the experts discovered several such shining spots and found that a whole network of underground lakes is hidden beneath the dry surface of the Red Planet.

However, not everything is so simple.

According to a new study that found that there are dozens of such bright spots, some of them are located in regions that are too cold for running water.

  • For now, we are not sure if these signals indicate areas of running water or not, but surely these bright spots are more widespread than originally thought.

The first such spot was spotted at the south pole of Mars by the Mars Express spacecraft using its radar. After further analysis of the archived data, three more such things were discovered that are similar to a lake.

“If the signals coming from underground are stronger than those bouncing off the surface, then we can assume it is running water,” she added.

The University of Arizona has expanded its previous search. They found dozens of such areas. However, some of them were one kilometer below the surface, where the temperature is around -63 degrees Celsius.

Previous research has shown that water full of calcium and magnesium can remain in the liquid state for a long time at -123 degrees Celsius. We also know that Mars is rich in such salts as sodium.

A 2019 study, on the other hand, found that there was not enough salt to melt the ice at the base of the layers of the south pole of Mars.

Volcanic activity does not solve the problem either
Therefore, experts have concluded that there should be some form of geological warming, perhaps in the form of geothermal activity or volcanism. However, although there is evidence of volcanic activity on Mars, it has been discovered outside the area.

So what are these shiny spots then? Scientists are still unsure. If further research shows that this is definitely flowing water, then it will be necessary to understand the principle according to which this ice melts and turns into an underground lake.

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