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A Russian Journalist Made A Mess – She Lied That She Entered Putin’s Press Conference With A Fever

Russian journalist Ana Shishmintseva has apologized for making a circus at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s annual press conference.

On the website “District 45”, after the conference on social networks, she boasted that she entered the conference with the help of an old test for covid and fever.

In the now-deleted post, Shimintseva wrote: “The first thing that made me laugh was that I was released on the wrong date on the PCR test. “(Thank you for not paying attention.”

Her announcements caused alarm, and then an apology arrived.

“I’m sorry, I lied. I was excited, I did not sleep for days. “I apologize to all my fellow journalists and the organizers of the press conference for the bad joke with the temperature,” she wrote on Instagram on Friday.

“I admit it was nonsense. I repeat, I had a fever of excitement. I’m sorry I endangered your health. Today I did two PCR tests in different places, went to the doctor and took blood. “I do not have respiratory diseases or KOVID,” she wrote, giving evidence of her examination.

On Thursday, Putin held his annual press conference to discuss a range of burning issues, from the crisis with NATO and Ukraine through the coronavirus to opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Russia has been battling a number of infected people in recent weeks, numbering about 25,000 a day.