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Actress With Ridiculouse Video Sent to Putin, Says: “If Only I Were Your Mother …”

Actress and model Anna Lynn McCord, best known for her role as Naomi Clark in the “9021 Beverly Hills” series, commented on the situation between Russia and Ukraine.

Anna Lin, also known as a humanitarian, appealed to Russia to stop the attacks, but her words caused shock and ridicule, directed at the “narcissistic actress”, as she is called on the Internet.

“Dear President Vladimir Putin, I am very sorry that I was not your mother,” the actress said in the video.

She added that Putin’s life would have been different if she had been his mother.

“If I were your mother, if the world were cold, I would die to warm you … I would die to give you life,” she said, adding that she regretted being born “too late” to be the mother of a Russian leader. .

The actress made it known that she speaks metaphorically and that she actually means ‘mother Russia’.

“This will definitely stop Putin. You’s so brave Anna Lynn McCord “,” Next time just sing ‘Imagine’. “It would be easier than what he did – whatever it is,” are some of the sarcastic comments.

“You will have to step up the rhyme if you want to stop the war …. This is not a lullaby,” another user added.

As a reminder, many domestic and foreign celebrities took to social media to condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine and called for an end to the war as soon as possible.

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