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An American Scientist Warns That If There Is Life On Mars, Humans May Be Responsible For Its Existence

Space scientists agree on one thing – there are traces of life somewhere out there. How much they will need to find it and in what form it will be another matter. But now a Cornell University scientist warns that extraterrestrial life, if discovered in space, could be quite a disappointment.

Namely, Professor Christopher Mason from Cornell University, claims that there is a possibility to find life in space, but it actually comes from Earth and from NASA laboratories.

In an article for the BBC, Mason wrote that despite the strict hygiene conditions in NASA laboratories, there is a possibility that spacecraft such as the Perseverance rover from Earth would carry germs into space and thus “infect” other planets with life.

“It is almost impossible to find a spacecraft without some biomass,” Mason wrote. Microbes have been around for billions of years and are ubiquitous. In us, on our bodies, but also everywhere around us. Some can be found in the cleanest room. He even conducted two studies in which he pointed out how some organisms living on Earth are so resilient that they can survive harsh cleaning processes and even travel to Mars. Mason also showed how fast germs can grow when found in space.

It seems that clean rooms can serve as an evolutionary selective process, which singles out the most resistant microbes, which then also have the best chance of surviving the journey to Mars, Mason wrote. Mason adds that if such microbes appear on Mars, it is a case of unintentional spread of life. He also warns that microbes can do great harm if they enter a new ecosystem, but also pose a major health threat to astronauts. Given that several man-made spacecraft currently “live” on Mars, if they find any trace of life, scientists will first have to prove that they are of extraterrestrial origin.

Humans will come to Mars and take with them a cocktail of microbes that live on ours and in our bodies. Those microbes will probably adapt, mutate and change, and we will be able to learn from them. This whole process will make life on Mars more bearable for anyone traveling there because the only genome adapted to Mars could be stacked and sent back to Earth for further research.

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