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Are We Going To Eat Lab Burgers In The Future?

Do not be surprised if one day you find out that the meat in your hamburger is from a laboratory instead of an animal farm.

Honey Rockler, an Austrian nutritionist, became the first person in 2013 to taste laboratory-grown meat, not an animal farm. She then stated that the meat is juicy and tasty and does not notice any difference. The burger was made by Mark Post and colleagues from the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Creating laboratory meat takes a long time because scientists need to convert stem cells into muscle or fat cells.

The purpose of producing such meat is to reduce the killing of animals and their abuse. The world population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, and meat production is affecting global warming, so this is the ideal solution.

However, it has not yet been determined what effect the production of such meat will have on the environment as there are not enough studies on this topic.

Hana Tuomisto, a professor at the Helsinki Institute of Science, says that meat production in the laboratory has higher greenhouse gas emissions and energy use compared to other vegetable protein crops such as beans and peas, but emissions are compared to processed ones. vegetarian meat substitutes.

It remains to be seen whether the meat made in the laboratory will change some things or not. In any case, this will not happen before 2022.

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