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“Biden Destroyed The American Dream” – Trump

Donald Trump said Joe Biden destroyed the “American Dream” in just over a year.

Speaking at a rally in Commerce, Georgia, Trump expressed outrage at the Biden administration over the Ukraine crisis, high inflation and rising fuel prices, calling the US president a “sleeping son of a bitch.”

  • You can take and merge the five worst presidents in American history – they did not do as much damage as Biden did in just 15 months. “In just over a year, he has literally managed to kill the American dream,” Trump said.

He urged Americans not to “lose hope”, because America with real leadership will return “bigger, stronger and more powerful than ever”.

Donald Trump described Biden as “one train crash after another” and accused him of embarrassing the nation, humiliating surrender in Afghanistan and high inflation, the highest in more than 40 years.

Trump also pointed the finger at Biden because of rising gas prices, which he said were the highest in history, and because of the stalemate over migration and Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

According to him, the borders of the United States are “completely destroyed, and bloodthirsty criminals are robbing the cities run by the Democrats.”

He stressed that more coronavirus-related deaths were registered in 2021 than in 2020, and that Biden, “just when it was thought things could not get worse,” failed to deter Russia from a special operation in Ukraine.

Trump claims that the Ukraine crisis would never have happened if he were now the president of the United States and that America currently has a leader who “has no idea what is happening or where he is,” and that he claims through false news that “Biden is doing great.” .

The former US president said in Florida last week that Biden had not responded to the Russian operation in Ukraine because of Washington’s fear of Moscow’s nuclear potential.

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