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Biden is Pushing for Vaccinations

Due to the vaccination fatigue that is visible Biden is taking new steps – government employees and soldiers will be the first to be subjected to a “literal vaccination obligation.”

The US government is pushing for millions of government employees to be vaccinated under new rules. Employees who do not have proof of vaccination in the future will have to wear a permanent mask and go for a coronavirus test once or twice a week, US President Joe Biden explained in Washington.

The rule applies to more than two million civilian government associates and employees of partners who have contracts with the government and work in government institutions. Unvaccinated co-workers will also have major restrictions on business travel. The White House intends to achieve its goal with strict vaccination rules, without explicitly insisting on a politically controversial vaccination obligation.

Biden also stressed that the government will support companies that want to introduce an obligation to vaccinate their employees. On Wednesday, Google and Facebook announced mandatory vaccinations, and in the meantime, the transport company Uber did the same for its employees in the United States.

Biden asked the defense ministry to check when the military might face a vaccination obligation. The Pentagon immediately announced that the same strict rules would apply to employees and soldiers as to employees of federal institutions. The ministry employs three million people, of whom about two million are soldiers.

Vaccination in the United States has lost momentum, largely due to widespread skepticism about vaccines. The US President once again asked the citizens to be vaccinated as soon as possible, because in the country the pandemic has now turned into a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. About 99% of all coronavirus deaths are unvaccinated, Biden said , concluding: “It’s an American tragedy.”

In the United States, 49% of the population has been fully vaccinated so far, and about 57% have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that no more than 50 million doses have been injected in the states so far.

Many states and municipalities have already begun a series of “incentives” to increase vaccination rates, including multimillion-dollar lotteries, or prizes for anyone who gets vaccinated. The city of New York, for example, offers $ 100 to those who want to get vaccinated today.

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