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BREAKING: We Are In An Economic Third World War

Yesterday was the conference of the European Commission and there were several points that clearly and precisely showed the future directions and future steps of the EU. There is talk these days of restrictions on almost all Russian commercial banks being excluded from the swift system, and, more importantly, Russia’s announcements of raising the level of readiness of its nuclear forces is an indicator of the impact of the imposed sanctions.

Putin is well aware that about 21 percent of their foreign exchange reserves are in gold, but the rest are in arrangements provided by the IMF as foreign exchange to keep the exchange rate stable.

We are already in the third economic world war which will seriously hit the Russian economy. They are now in double-digit inflation at the level of 2015. If the ruble can not be curbed and if the IMF does not give you the opportunity to change foreign exchange reserves to strengthen the economy, then you already have serious economic consequences. That’s why Putin was so nervous – and when you can not get into the economy, you get down to arms.

Getting out of this war will be difficult for Ukraine, but it will also be very difficult for Russia.

It will be tactical and will last because Russia has gone so aggressively in all this, put Germany in an unenviable position, although its position is more comfortable, because in recent years it has made more financial reserves.

Commercial banks in Russia are stable, the economy in Russia is at a very stable level, public debt is low, but they fail in monetary policy.

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