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Cyberattack on the Websites of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The websites of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, several ministries and banks in Ukraine today were the target of cyber attacks, the Ukrainian government said.

The Ministry of Defense said on Twitter that their website was probably the target of DDoS attacks (distributed denial of service), i.e. an excessive number of requests per second was registered. The Ministry adds that they are working on solving the problem.

The Ministry’s Facebook and Twitter accounts should be used as a backup for official communications until the site is back to normal. Two other websites are available for use, ArmyInform and Army FM, the defense ministry said on Facebook.

The statement from the Center for Communication and Information Security within the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy did not say who was suspected of being behind the attack, but the statement implied that Russia was to blame.

“It is not excluded that the aggressor used tactics of small dirty tricks, because his aggressive plans do not work on a large scale,” the statement said.

Relations between Western countries and Russia remain tense following the deployment of hundreds of thousands of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, sparking fears of military aggression in Western countries. Russia has denied planning an invasion, and efforts to resolve the crisis diplomatically have continued.

At least two other banks, Privatvatbank and Ostadbank, were targeted today. PrivatBank disruptions were triggered by a DDoS attack, the center said. Users of the online application Privat24 at the bank reported problems with payments and the application in general.

Some users could not log in to Privat24, while others could not see their account balance and recent transactions. The bank said that the cyber attack only affected the Privat24 application and that there was no threat to depositors’ funds.
Oshtadbank also had problems at work, and the internet banking service was down.

Following the cyber-attacks on Ukrainian institutions in January, the European Union said it would mobilize resources to help Ukraine deal with cyber-attacks on its government websites.

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