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Evacuation in California and Nevada Due to Fires

Fires raging in northern California have prompted Nevada authorities to evacuate people living in the border area, where flames can be seen on the tops of nearby mountains.

The fire wave, which was created by merging two fires from different directions, is now aimed at the area northeast of the Sierra Nevada forest region and is not losing momentum, local media reported.

High temperatures are expected in this part of America throughout the weekend, and the whole region is in a zone of high air pressure.

A staggering temperature of 54.4 degrees Celsius was recorded in Death Valley National Park in California yesterday, and the highest confirmed air temperature on Earth was 56.6 degrees Celsius, measured in 1913 in the Fernance Creek Desert.

In California, evacuation orders or warnings have been issued for hundreds of settlements and several camps, as well as the closure of more than 518 square miles of Plumas National Park.

The hot air forms a huge cloud of pirocumulus, which rises to a height of hundreds of meters and creates its own lightning, confirmed last night the representative of the local authorities Lisa Kok.

Nearly a thousand firefighters received air support, but the flames are expected to continue to spread due to heat and low humidity.

“The air is so dry that some of the water released by Canadians evaporates even before it reaches the ground,” said Lisa Cock.

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