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Extremely Hot Weather Has Claimed Hundreds Of Lives In The United States And Canada

The heatwave that swept through the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada this week has finally subsided, leaving hundreds dead.

49.4 degrees Celsius. The town of Leighton in British Columbia set this infamous record for the highest temperature ever recorded in Canada.

Contrary to logic, the south was colder, but only slightly. Nearly 47 degrees were measured in the United States in Portland, Oregon. This city where the temperature almost never exceeds 30 degrees is warmer than Los Angeles or Miami.

“It looks like Armageddon,” said a Portland resident.

Extreme temperatures have been responsible for hundreds of deaths over the past week. Doctors across the region are busy. Emergency care overloaded.

Wait up to two hours for priority calls. “People usually wait an hour now, and I’ve heard of waiting 12 to 15 hours for emergency calls,” said an ambulance worker in British Columbia.

And the hospitals are crowded. Some of them have activated disaster response centers.

“It was in response to a catastrophe, hospitals had to prepare for a large influx of patients we are not used to seeing, especially so early in the summer,” said Dr Elizabeth Midi, a Swedish hospital in Oregon.

The eastern United States is also experiencing unusually high temperatures, but in relation to the west coast they seem even moderate.

The temperature in the capital, Washington, was 36 degrees, but due to the high humidity, the feeling is much warmer.

“You know a lot of water, drink water before you go out and you will be hydrated,” said a tourist in Washington.

You need to have cold drinks, find a good restaurant and get on an air-conditioned tourist bus to see everything, said a tourist in Washington.

Extreme temperatures bring another danger that lurks every summer – forest fires. President Joe Biden held a coordination meeting with the governors of ten states to discuss how to prevent a recurrence of the catastrophic wildfires that have raged on the West Coast of the United States for the past several years.

Drought in California and elsewhere is twice as high as last year. We now see record temperatures in Portland and the West – Joe Biden, President of the United States.

The US president announced that some of the measures include raising the minimum wage for firefighters to $ 15 an hour at the federal level, as well as a 10% increase for those who go to the field.

Plans are being made to launch satellites to help detect fires early, as well as to create mobile phone applications to warn citizens of the dangers.

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