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Fake Videos and Photos From Ukraine – Are Actually Excerpts From Movies and Old Events

The situation in Ukraine is a major topic these days, and videos and photos depicting the terror of war are being widely shared on social media – some of them real and some of them being misused.

TikTok, Twitter, Instagram are social networks where photos and videos are allegedly shared that are supposed to show the horror in Ukraine.

Among the many videos from correspondents that are on the scene and realistically depict the situation, there are such videos and photos that are fake.

One of the videos that started appearing on the first day of the Russian invasion is a video that shows soldiers saying goodbye to their loved ones.

Many Twitter users shared the video to which they wrote headlines such as: “Damn war”, “Nobody wants to be a hero” and so on.

However, it was later established that this particular video was taken from the Ukrainian film The War of Chimeras, released in 2017.

Among the photos that are widely shared on social networks are photos of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky who joined the hostilities. However, these photos were taken in April 2021.

The same photos were published on April 8, 2021 in an article in the Kyiv Post.

A video is supposed to be shared on Facebook, which should show the military actions from Ukraine, and in fact, after a detailed research, it can be determined that it is from Syria and was published in January this year.

There was also a video allegedly showing the air strike on Kyiv, only to later determine that it was a video made during a 2020 air parade.

Another video that is being shared en masse is from a Ukrainian plane that allegedly crashed a Russian pilot. For this video the fact-checkers have determined that it is from the video game Digital Combat Simulator World.

However, despite the many fake videos and photos, there are real ones that actually show scenes from Ukraine these days.

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