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FUTURISTIC TRAIN: Travel in floating capsules! (VIDEO)

In the desert north of Las Vegas, at the foot of the mountains stretches a metal pipe that could one day revolutionize travel.

It is a pipe 500 meters long at the DevlLoop test site where people were transported for the first time in November 2020.

Virgin Hyperloop, whose partners include Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, is developing technology for travel capsules that will run up to 1,200 kilometers per hour through near-vacuum tunnels using magnetic levitation.

Half a year ago, the honor of being the first passenger on the futuristic Hyperloop train went to Josh Gigel, head of technology development, and Sarah Lucian, director of passenger experience.

The brave duo rode in an XP-2 capsule used for pre-commercial testing.

The capsules will accommodate 28 people and will be able to adapt to long and short distances, as well as cargo transport.

Gigel predicts commercial use to begin in 2027 at the earliest.

They plan to build a network of tunnels

“It could be the first mode of transportation in the last 100 years that would revolutionize travel, as cars, trains and planes have already done,” Gigel told Reuters.

The idea for the “vacuum train” was first conceived by scientist Robert Goddard in the early 1900s.

France tried to develop an airline in the 1960s and 1970s, and interest was rekindled by businessman Elon Musk in 2013.

Gileg then worked for Musk SpaceX.

Virgin Hyperloop plans to build a network of tunnels connecting the world’s largest cities.

It first plans to develop passenger lines in India, whose transportation system is congested, and then in Saudi Arabia, which lacks infrastructure.

At the King of Summer, the Virgin HyperLope capsules will be on display at the Smithsonian as part of the Futures exhibition in Washington.

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