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HOLIDAYS WITHOUT FIGHTS? ITS POSSIBLE: Prepare Before The Trip And Avoid Fights With Your Partner For Complete Enjoyment!

The most common reasons are different interests, spending money on drinks, food and shopping, childcare, but also sex. How to avoid it?

I love this, and you love that

Before you go on vacation, agree on how much time you will spend on the beach each day, whether you will visit the sights, nearby places or the water park. One of the most common reasons for a quarrel with a partner is different interests, because one would spend the whole day on the beach, and the other would visit the surroundings. Agree whether one day you will fulfill the wish of one and the next day or you will occasionally separate so that everyone can satisfy their interests.

How much do you spend?

I will just buy this souvenir and this t-shirt, we will not fail if we go to dinner one more time… Does this sound familiar to you? Little by little, more money goes than you planned to spend and here are the problems! Experts advise you to make a plan in advance and distribute the money you take on vacation – determine how much you will spend on food, how much going out, shopping, souvenirs…

Refusal of sex

When one of the partners does not want sex, the other can feel hurt and here is the reason for the anger. The most common reasons for refusing sex on vacation are fatigue due to long travels or headaches caused by the strong sun, experts claim. It should be clearly told to the loved one and it should be noted that you still love him and that you will postpone the pleasure only for tomorrow or a few days later.

The crowd makes you nervous

Traffic jams, a queue at the cash register in a store or waiting for a free place in a restaurant create anxiety because you want to relax on vacation, not to wait in lines. And when they are nervous, people quarrel with the people next to them, and that is the partner in this case. You will avoid quarreling if you realize that not everything can always be as you planned. Relax and enjoy the holiday regardless of the unforeseen circumstances. You are not in a hurry.

Child care

If you no longer have shared responsibilities for children, experts advise you to do so before you go on vacation. Agree on who will do it there – who will pack and carry toys to the beach, who will go to the bedroom with the child in the afternoon and who will prepare food for him. Tell your partner what you expect from him, because that way you will avoid unnecessary discussions that can ruin your vacation.

Skip important topics

When you are at home you have less time to talk and it is mostly used to solve current problems. You have no holiday responsibilities, and you are together all day, so you have more time to think and discuss important life topics, such as weddings, relocation, child planning. But psychologists say you should not talk about it on summer vacation, because if you do not know your partner well, you may be unpleasantly surprised by his opinion, and it will ruin your vacation.

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