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How did the United States beat Russia in the space race?

The state of the field for space exploration is changing.

The divisions between the United States and Russia since the Cold War are long gone. Now there are other players on the field. China, India, Japan and Israel have missile programs and can launch satellites, and Brazil is working hard to do so.

Is space exploration primarily of a political or scientific nature, or is it something that can be used for commercial purposes? Are we at the beginning of a new space age?

Space research involves the use of astronomy and space technology to explore near and far.

Space exploration is often used as a substitute for the competitiveness of geopolitical rivals, such as the Cold War. 

The early era of space exploration came as a result of the “space race” between the Soviet Union and the United States of America (USA), and the launch of the first man-made spacecraft to orbit the Soviet Sputnik was often taken as the boundaries of the period.

1 on October 4, 1957, as well as the first landing of the Moon by the American Apollo 11 spacecraft on July 20, 1969. 

The Soviet space program reached many of the first important events, including the first living creature in 1957, the first man-made Yuri Gagarin Vostok 1 space flight in 1961, and Alexei Leonov’s first spacewalk in 1965.

After the first 20 years of research, the launches were made with rockets and other equipment that was used only once. The main relocation in this context is the US shuttle program and the Soviet Mir space station. From the 90s of the last century, space tourism began to be promoted, as well as private space exploration of the Moon.

Factnomenal dealt with the question of how the United States still beat Russia in the space race?

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