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IBM Has Made a Microchip With Which The Batteries Of The Phones Will Last 4 Times Longer

IBM has announced that they have developed the smallest and most powerful microchip in the world. According to the statement, it is a microchip of only 2 nanometers.

Namely, most computer chips have 10 or 7 nanometers, while some companies also make 5 nanometer microchips. IBM’s new microchip is a big step forward and can be used to power a variety of devices – from smartphones to supercomputers.

IBM Research Director Dario Gill said there were very few technological advances like theirs. The improvement of this microchip is achieved by increasing the number of transistors located on the chip itself, without increasing the dimensions of the chip itself. This microchip is the size of a fingernail and has 50 billion transistors on it, IBM claims.

This enables the expansion of the use of artificial intelligence. Dario Gill explained what exactly this microchip will mean. “Given that we have better transistors and that we have more transistors on the chip, that will help us have better cell phones, better cars and better computers,” Gill said.

It is expected that this microchip will have better performance by 45% and that it will consume 75% less energy compared to microchips with a size of 7 nanometers. This will probably mean that cell phone batteries will last four times longer.

Mass production of this microchip will probably start at the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. That will allow IBM to develop new products, and the announcement of the new chip comes after US President Joe Biden announced that he would provide $ 50 billion for the development of chips in the United States, reports CNN.


(photo: Flickr)

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