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Iguanas Are Falling From Trees In Florida

Meteorologists have warned Florida residents that motionless iguanas are falling from trees due to unusually cold weather in the region.

“Iguanas are cold-blooded animals and slow down or become immobile when temperatures drop below ten degrees Celsius. “They can fall from the trees, but they are not dead,” said the US National Weather Service.

-3.9 degrees were measured in South Florida yesterday morning.

“The bodies of iguanas are excluded to the point that they lose their functions. They sleep on the branches and if it gets very cold, they lose the ability to hang and often fall from the trees. “Most of them will survive the period of immobility, but freezing temperatures are a great danger to them because their natural habitat is Central and South America close to the equator, where it is constantly warm,” said zoologist Stacy Cohen.

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