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In the American Valley of Death measured 129.92 F

In the American Death Valley in the state of California, one of the hottest places on Earth, a temperature of a staggering 129.92 F. was measured.

The temperature in Furnace Creek did not fall below 89 F. overnight.

Friday’s measurement is identical to last year, but it should be noted that experts have not yet confirmed either of these two measurements. If confirmed, it would be the highest temperature ever measured on our planet.

“In modern history, the highest temperatures ever measured using reliable equipment were measured in Death Valley,” Chris Outler, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Las Vegas, told the US NPR.

Although historical records mention a temperature of 133.88 Fahrenheit, measured at the same place on July 10, 1913, this figure has never been officially confirmed and most meteorologists believe that it is inaccurate, especially because of the temperatures measured the same day in the surrounding areas.

Outler said expert confirmation of record temperatures could take, sometimes longer than a year. The temperature of 129.92 Fahrenheit measured last year is still undergoing a verification process, explained Outler.

This year, Canada, the northwestern United States, northern Europe and Siberia were hit by a series of record heat waves. Their longevity has highlighted the dangerous effects of man-made climate change, writes the Guardian.

Nikos Christidis, a British scientist, says that studies are being conducted to measure the level of human impact on the climate, but it is no longer questionable whether that effect exists, but what it is. He states that such extreme weather conditions would be extremely amazing in a world whose climate system is not on the verge.

“While these are fascinating numbers, they are not surprising in scientific terms, but they are in line with predictions of what will happen in a warming world,” said Daniel Swain, a climatologist at the University of California.

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