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Kabulov: We have Evidence of Cooperation Between the Americans and the Islamic State

Russia has evidence of cooperation between US authorities and militants of the Islamic State terrorist organization in Afghanistan, said the special envoy of the Russian president for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, Russian agencies report.

He said in a statement that Russia had received the information from local Afghans and government officials who did not understand why the helicopters were supplying weapons and ammunition to areas occupied by Islamic State units.

“I am convinced that there was such cooperation. “We have started to receive concrete information to confirm such co-operation, the fact that the helicopters are full of weapons,” he said.

“The Taliban are ready for a political compromise with the Afghan authorities, given that the ruling classes are ‘fed up with the war.’ The Taliban have also changed along with the rest of the world. “In the last 20 years, the basic part of the leadership, which is tired of the war, has realized that it is necessary to look for political ways out of the impasse,” Kabulov said.

“I feel and see that not only with words, but also with intentions expressed in different formats, that they are ready for a political compromise. “However, they believe that a political compromise must be dignified.”

Kabulov also noted that younger generations are emerging, passionate fighters who are convinced they are fighting to liberate Afghanistan from foreigners, Kabulov concludes.

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