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Lockheed Martin And GM Will Develop An Autonomous Lunar Rover For NASA

General Motors in collaboration with Lockheed Martin will develop a new lunar rover for NASA, called Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV), reports The Verge.

Lockheed Martin and General Motors have unveiled plans to build an autonomous rover for future astronauts to use on the lunar surface. The vehicle is part of the Artemis program, and as part of the research campaign includes various robots, rovers and science bases that are planned to be placed on the surface of the Moon in the next decade.

The rover is still in the early stages of development, so not many details are known about its size, weight and the like.

Lockheed Martin has a 50-year history of working with NASA to develop manned spacecraft as well as robotic spacecraft.

General Motors, on the other hand, will offer their expertise in battery and propulsion technology, and will use autonomous technology to enable safer and more efficient lunar operations.

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