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Mandatory Vaccine For 630,000 Students In Los Angeles

Students over the age of 12 in the Los Angeles-based school system will need to be vaccinated against the coronavirus before returning to school next year.

Authorities in the Los Angeles school district voted yesterday on the decision to require vaccination of approximately 630,000 students, as many as attend classes in this area at that age, reports AP.

According to the decision, those involved in sports and other extracurricular activities should be immunized by the end of October, and all others by December 19, and students who do not have proof of vaccination will not be allowed to study with physical presence after completing winter break on January 11, followed by online classes.

According to district officials, about 80,000 students have not yet been fully vaccinated, and the country’s second-largest school district will be the largest of several to make such a decision.

The school system in New York, the largest in the state, has introduced mandatory vaccinations for only 20,000 student-athletes in certain sports that are considered to be at high risk of spreading the virus, such as wrestling.

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