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Network for the Sale of Fake Immunization Cards Against Covid-19 was Hacked

An Amazon online store has been selling fake vaccination cards for a week, but the website has already been removed and photos of it show that ten cards sold for $ 13, NPR reported today.

The trafficking also took place in businesses in California and New York, as well as elsewhere online.

Covid-19 vaccines are available free of charge in the United States. The immunization surgeon also issues a card with the CDC (State Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) logo and stamp and a sticker with the date the vaccines were given.

The white card is given to Americans as the only official proof of prompt confirmation of immunization. The US Federal Trade Commission has already warned that fraudsters make money by selling fake Covid-19 immunization documents.

All of this is part of the black market for fake vaccination cards that appear in the United States at a time when the pandemic is subsiding.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), fake vaccination cards not only adversely affect public health but are also illegal. They say that unauthorized use of an official government agency seal is punishable by a fine or imprisonment.

“By falsely pretending to be vaccinated when you go to school, public transport, work, fitness centers or religious facilities, you put yourself and those around you at risk of contracting Covid-19,” the FBI said.

The Ministry of Justice and security agencies have already contacted foreigners selling fake immunization cards to remove such offers from their platforms.

A California bar owner and a former CBS pharmacy employee in New York were charged last month with forging state documents and health records after learning they were selling immunization cards against Covid-19.

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