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New York: Thousands of Public Sector Workers Fired for not Being Vaccinated

4,000 public sector employees in New York could be laid off because they were not vaccinated against Covid, which is mandatory in that city.

Among those fired will be teachers, police officers, firefighters and utility workers.

Mandatory vaccination for public and private sector employees was imposed by former mayor Bill de Blasio.

The deadline for fulfilling that obligation expired on Friday, and those who were not vaccinated will now lose their jobs.

“We have made it clear that New York’s public sector employees must be vaccinated,” said incumbent New York Mayor Democrat Eric Adams.

Trade unions representing public sector employees have tried to combat compulsory vaccination and have sued the city on several occasions, but without success.

Employees also protested against the mandatory vaccination.

However, this rule still applies despite the fact that the number of newly infected with coronavirus is declining and many countries are lifting restrictions on pandemics and mandatory vaccinations.

It is estimated that about 95 percent of the 370,000 public sector employees were vaccinated in New York.

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