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Obama On The Question For Aliens: I Can Not Tell You Some Things

Does the former US president know what is really going on in Area 51, the US military base where many suspect UFO research and “creatures” from space?

Former US President Barack Obama was a guest on the “Late Show” video link and when asked if there were aliens, he said he could not share this information with the public.

Although he did not disclose the details, Obama said that when he became president he asked them if there really was a secret laboratory that hid information about aliens.

– When I came to the office, I asked if there was a laboratory somewhere where we store information and samples of aliens and spaceships. They researched and the answer was “no”, but it is true, I am serious, that there are recordings and records of unidentified objects in the sky. “We can not explain how they move, what is the purpose of their journey,” said Barack Obama.

He added that there are people who really care about these phenomena, but he can not say anything more on this topic.

Watch the video:

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