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PARENTS BEWARE: There Is Supposedly A TikTok Challenge That Causes Children To Disappear In 48 Hours!

Parents fear the alleged TikTok trend, the deliberate disappearance of children for 48 hours.

According to the users of this social network, the purpose of the “challenge” is for the children, mostly 14-year-olds, to disappear for 48 hours to check “how much hysteria they will cause”.

Rumors of this alleged trend emerged after two schoolgirls aged 14 and 15 went missing in Stockton, Tessida. Although it has since been found and there is no evidence that TikTok was linked to the incidents, that has not stopped speculation from spreading.

What happened in Stockton?

A large search was launched for the two teenagers, and the search involved friends, family members, as well as concerned locals who helped police during the rain.

Local police confirmed that the girls had been found, but did not provide details about the circumstances of their disappearance.

Although there is no evidence to suggest that they participated in this crazy challenge, social media users soon began to draw their own conclusions.

Speculation about the trend has become so widespread that Cleveland police have been forced to turn to Facebook.

As they wrote, they are aware of the rumors that are spreading, but warned that the same allegations existed in the articles from 2017, only then the “main culprit” was Facebook.

“It is not known if this ever happened in Cleveland and there is no data that can be verified to support it in 2021. “We always encourage parents to be aware of what can happen on social media, however, the police have not issued a warning to parents. We can not find evidence that such madness is happening or is currently being shared.”

However, this did not convince concerned social media users that there was no reason to worry.

“It’s not just localized in Cleveland, it’s a global trend that’s happening, in some cases it may not be the cause of the disappearance, but it’s happening all over the world,” one commentator said.

Others also shared their views on children who may be deliberately missing.

One wrote: “Children who do this should be ashamed of themselves. Why would they want to hurt their loved ones like that? ”

Another said: “If this is a trend, then these kids are crazy! Moms and dads, put apps to track your kids’ cell phones. At least you know where they are or where they last went…

“This is probably the dumbest trend there is,” concluded the third, reports The Independent.

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