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(Photo / Video) Everyone is Talking About the New Controversial Adviser in Joe Biden’s Administration!

The man who posed online with people dressed as slaves and dressed as a nun claims to have worked in the administration of the energy department of President Joe Biden.

Controversial Sam Brinton wrote on LinkedIn last month that the White House had accepted his job offer as “Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy.”

“With this job I will do what I have always dreamed of, I will make an effort to address the national challenges related to nuclear waste,” Britton said.

“I will do everything I can to innovate in this government role.” I will be the first gender-fluid person in the leadership of the federal government. “But most importantly, I will be responsible for finding a solution to the problem to which I have dedicated my life and which has been stalled for decades.”

“Yes, I know it will not be easy. Yes, I realize this is a huge challenge. Yes, I’m ready to accept that. You can not understand how excited I am. Nervous, but at the same time so excited. “I sincerely wish I could celebrate with each of you personally, because this is the day I have been dreaming of for more than a decade,” Sam said in a post on LinkedIn.

The White House has not confirmed the appointment, despite repeated requests for confirmation from prominent media outlets.

Sam has previously worked for anti-nuclear organizations and LGBTQ + organizations.

His biography also details his work as an adviser to the administration of former President Barack Obama on LGBT issues.

“It shows young men and women wherever they go that they can be what they are and I gave them courage,” the biography said.

He always remained vocal about his identity and never tried to hide it from his family, the media or anyone else. Sam Brinton is quite active on social media.

On Instagram, Brinton called herself a left-wing activist and advocate of sexual fetishes in her biography.

Critics say his image is too controversial and extravagant for a public administration official. Brinton publishes photos in colorful dresses, high heels, makeup and even underwear.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Local media reported that Brinton is a proponent of sexual fetishes that involve disguising a human as an animal or dog. He posted a photo on social media showing himself standing over kneeling men in leather dog masks, one of which was wearing a chain held by Brinton.

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