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Pope Francis: The three key words in marriage are – “Please, thank you and sorry”

In an effort to encourage married couples, Pope Francis said the pandemic had exacerbated existing problems in some families, urged couples to seek help and recalled that the three key words in marriage were: “Please, thank you and apologize.”

The pope wrote a letter to the couple, published today, on the Catholic holiday of the Holy Family, which commemorates the family of Jesus. In the letter, Pope Francis said the blockades, restrictions and quarantine were forcing families to spend more time together, noting that such an imposed community tests the patience of parents, siblings and, in some cases, leads to difficulties.

“The existing problems have worsened, creating conflicts that in some cases were almost unbearable. “Many have lost their relationships,” the pope wrote, offering closeness to those families, reminding parents that a breakup is especially difficult for children who see their parents as a constant source of stability, love, trust and strength.