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Putin: Russia has Weapons that have no Equal in the World

“In the combat duty of the Russian armed forces, there are weapons that are unequal to the world,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin in a congratulatory message on the occasion of Defender of the Fatherland Day.

“Ensuring our country’s defense capability remains the most important state task, and the armed forces serve as a sure guarantee for the national security, the peaceful and peaceful life of our citizens, the stable and progressive development of Russia,” Putin said.

He pointed out that in recent years in the country a lot has been done in terms of quality modernization of the armed forces that have become more mobile and gained new combat experience.

“Weapons that no one in the world is equal to have been put on combat duty. We will continue to develop promising weapon systems, including hypersonic and weapons based on new physical principles, to extend the use of advanced digital technologies and elements of artificial intelligence. “Such systems are indeed the weapon of the future, which significantly increases the combat potential of our armed forces.”

He noted that the training of personnel and the personal qualities of soldiers are still of great importance to the armed forces.

The Russian leader added that Russia’s calls for a system of equal and indivisible security, which will surely protect all countries, remain unanswered.

However, as he said, Russia always remains open to direct and fair dialogue, to seek diplomatic solutions to the most complicated problems.

Putin stressed that the interests of Russia, the security of its citizens come first.

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