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Russian Cosmonauts Publish Video From ISS After The Accident (VIDEO)

The Russian astronauts recorded a short video of the International Space Station (ISS) research module’s in-house tour, in which an accident occurred on Thursday, hours after the merger, leaving the entire station briefly out of control.

The entire space station with seven crew members was ejected from its normal trajectory on Thursday, located about 400 km above the Earth, and experts say that the accident occurred due to a computer program error, but it could also be a human error. .

The footage released Sunday morning shows astronauts Oleg Nowicki and Piotr Dubrov opening the door to the research section of the Science module in which the accident took place and examining its interior, the Russian space agency Roscomos reported.

According to a NASA accident report, the head of the mission immediately declared a state of emergency as Earth experts worked rapidly to restore the research satellite’s stability as soon as possible.

According to Roscomos and NASA, the crew of the International Space Station – two Russian astronauts, three American and one astronaut each from Japan and France – were not in direct danger at any time.

According to Reuters, the Russian space agency Roscosmos, which this week announced plans for another research module within the International Space Station in November, has recently had several incidents and corruption scandals. Among other things, during the construction of the Eastern Cosmodrome in the far east of the country, the contractors were accused of embezzling state money.

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