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Sadomasochistic Footage of a Politician Leaked

Zack Weiner, 26, a candidate for Manhattan City Council, is unlikely to be elected because the New York Post published a video in which he enjoys sadomasochistic sex games with a woman.

“My lovely domino friend played a bit with council candidate Zack Weiner, and I’m the only one who has a video of it,” he wrote in a tweet posted at the end of the week.

The video shows Weiner, who is tied up and has a rubber ball in his mouth so that he cannot speak, subjected to various “tortures”, such as pouring wax on the skin and attaching pegs to the nipples.

The recording was made in the Parthenon studio, which is known as a favorite place for recording works by BDSM.

Weiner confirmed to the Post that he was in the video and said it was made about 18 months ago, when he and his ex-girlfriend were having fun on Halloween 2019.

– I did not want anyone to see that, but here it is not. I’m not ashamed of that video. It was a recreational activity I did for fun with my friend. “Like many young people, I am part of a world where our most intimate moments are documented,” he said, adding that he was “proud to be a BDSM” and loved sadomasochistic games.

He did not want to name the woman who was with him in the video and said he had no “idea” how the video ended up on the Internet, but that he felt betrayed.

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