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She Stabbed her Pedophile Neighbor to Death: He Tried to Abuse her Son (VIDEO)

Sarah Sands from London killed the 77-year-old pedophile who abused her son, and because of that she spent three and a half years in prison, and after she came out, she had an incredible experience.

In mid-2015, in the neighborhood where Sarah and her son live, it was rumored that her neighbor Michael Pleisted, 77, was abusing children on the street.

At first it was rumored that the old man was shouting at the boys on the street, and then the stories were confirmed by Sarah’s friend whose son Michael tried to kiss him.

Sarah’s son, Bradley, came one day visibly upset, saying that “Uncle Michael” had tried to touch and kiss him. The mother reacted sharply and immediately threatened the neighbor who did not care much about it. He continued to abuse children.

Bradley again had a terrible experience with a neighbor who chased him around the building and told him that at some point it would be his.

Sarah then boiled over, took a kitchen knife, went to the neighbor’s door and stabbed him to death without arguing.

She did not want to start a conversation with the neighbor. She just took a kitchen knife, went to his door and stabbed him to death!

Sarah was sentenced to three and a half years in prison, and thanks to the fact that many mothers in the area who reported sexual harassment in Plisted to their sons defended her.

She has been free since the beginning of 2019, and says that it is still difficult for her to deal with the fact that she killed a man, but she believes that it was the right move.

In addition, Sarah told what happened to her as soon as she was released.

– The mothers from the area gave me an unforgettable welcome. Considering that I am a hero of the whole region and a protector of children, as well as that I sacrificed myself in the name of all of them, and for the benefit of the children, they told me that they would be grateful to me all my life. I was moved. “I have not experienced anything better,” Sarah told the Sun.

Stressing that she did what every mother would do for her child then, Sarah still emphasizes that she does not regret the murder.

– We all knew for a long time that the neighbor is strange. We just needed to have some evidence to label him a pedophile. Fortunately, no children were physically injured or sexually assaulted, but that was the case. It was a matter of hours, days, weeks when he raped someone. Maybe he did it without anyone knowing. I wondered in prison if that was true. I know I did a bad thing, but I’m not a bad person. I have served my time, it is time for a new life that I have been living with my son for two years – says Sara.

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