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SHOCKING: Two Pounds Of Nails In His Stomach! He Swallowed Them After Quitting Alcohol

Two pounds of nails, screws, nuts and knives were found in the stomach of a Lithuanian by doctors during the operation at the University Hospital in Klaipeda, local media reported.

According to the doctor, the patient swallowed metal objects a month after giving up alcohol. Some of the objects that the doctors removed during the three-hour operation were 10 centimeters long, Lithuanian Radio-Television (LRT) reports.

“It is not uncommon to find foreign bodies in the uterus, but this is really the only case,” said surgeon Sharanas Dailidenas.

The hospital posted a photo of a metal container full of metal objects, mostly nails, on its Facebook profile.

The man was taken by ambulance with severe abdominal pain to a hospital in Klaipeda on the Baltic coast.

He is now stable and under medical supervision.