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Six Saudis in Court for Harassing a Tourist

Six young Saudis are facing charges of harassing a foreign tourist, indicating a worrying phenomenon at a time when the kingdom is trying to boost its tourism industry, the Saudi Gazette reported.

According to the Saudi newspaper, the indictment against the Saudis states that they surrounded the vehicle of the tourist in a neighborhood in the capital Riyadh, and then harassed her using obscene and rude gestures and words.

One of the Saudis – in her 20s – allegedly deliberately hit her car with her vehicle and fled the scene.

According to the information from the Saudi Public Prosecutor’s Office, the boys are currently waiting for a trial while the incident is being investigated, but they have allegedly already admitted that they are involved in the crime.

Under Saudi anti-harassment law, charges against the boys include breach of public morals, hitting a vehicle without license plates and fleeing the crime scene. If convicted, the boys face up to 10 years in prison.

A source from the Saudi Public Prosecutor’s Office claimed that the Saudi authorities aim to crack down on harassment incidents, especially against foreign tourists, at a time when the kingdom is making every effort to strengthen its tourism sector by investing $ 4 billion in its own fund. tourism development last year, with the ambitious goal of welcoming up to 100 million tourists a year by 2030.

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