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Six Women are Suing a Close Associate of George Soros for Abuse

Six women have filed a lawsuit against financier Howard Rubin, 66, who has been the right hand of billionaire George Soros for years, alleging that he beat and sexually abused them in a secret room of his luxury Manhattan apartment, reports “Daily Mail”.

Edward MacDonald, the lawyer for financier Howard Rubin, says the alleged victims are breaking the law by signing a confidentiality agreement with his client and facing a $ 500,000 fine if they do.

They were aware that they might be harmed during sexual intercourse. “My client did not commit any crime, it is a civil lawsuit,” the lawyer said, dismissing allegations that Rubin had drugged the alleged victims, saying he might have given them painkillers.

Rubin is considered an unscrupulous banker on Wall Street, and he paid women $ 5,000 to participate in sexual extravaganza.

Now, six women who participated in his bizarre sex games have decided to sue him, alleging that he abused them by ignoring the safe word and physically hurting them. The safe word is determined before participating in these perversions.

The trial is set to begin in November this year. The victims are demanding $ 18 million in compensation from the financier.

The New York Post published details of the indictment, which states that one of the victims was beaten so badly that her plastic surgeon refused to operate on her because one of her breast implants was severely damaged by the impact. Another unnamed victim said she was raped by Rubin.

Last month, Mary Henry, with whom Rubin has been married for 36 years and with whom he has three children, filed for divorce. She is also a well-known Wall Street banker.

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