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Snap Introduces New Version Of Its Smart Glasses (VIDEO)

The American technology concern “Snap” has introduced a new version of its smart glasses “Spectacles”. They use augmented reality, which means you can browse and view digital objects in the real world.

The new glasses allow users to view computer-generated images superimposed on their field of vision in the real world. The glasses include two cameras, four microphones, a touchpad and control buttons. Users can also give audio commands to the device, saying “Hey Snapchat”. The battery of this fourth generation gadget lasts up to 30 minutes of continuous use. The device will have dual 3D displays and a 26.3-degree diagonal field of view for a great experience that “will feel like a natural fold of the world in front of you,” the company explains. The glasses are equipped with a lot of light to make them as useful as possible. They are also relatively light with their 134 grams.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said the devices are now in the hands of a select group of users. The company offers the device to multiple content creators through Internet distribution.

SPIEGEL said the glasses will feature the company’s new space chip, “which uses six degrees of freedom, manual and surface tracking of real terrestrial digital objects in the physical world,” with a 15 millisecond motion of slowing down photons for greater responsiveness. The glasses are integrated into Snap’s Lens Studio, so content creators can create their own “lenses”.

Snap is among the many tech companies working on smart glasses, along with Apple and Facebook. Snap has long relied on augmented reality as a key business opportunity, but is still a “dwarf in business” given the size of its huge competitors.

The company also announced a series of new features for augmented reality e-commerce and new features for social media creators.

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