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Teacher Forces Children To Play Holocaust, Jew Kid Was Hitler

A teacher at Watkins Elementary School in Washington, D.C., ordered the children to star in a play about the Holocaust in what she said was an attempt to teach them about horror.

The unidentified teacher was suspended on Friday, reports the Daily Mail.

“One child, a Jew, was given the role of Adolf Hitler in a bizarre reconstruction,” said another student’s parent. The student was told to play Hitler’s suicide.

School principal Scott Berkovic said students initially went to class at the library to do a project before the winter holidays.

However, it occurred to the teacher to ask the students to reconstruct the Holocaust instead of their own play.

“I want to emphasize that the teacher made a bad decision, she should never have asked the students to act or show any crime, especially genocide, war or murder,” Berkovic wrote in an email to his parents.

Other parents said they told their son to pretend he was on a train taking Jews to concentration camps, after which he had to pretend to die in a gas chamber.

“The student was also told to ‘shoot’ his classmates,” said a parent who wished to remain anonymous.

There are additional allegations that the teacher made anti-Semitic statements in front of the children all the time. When the students asked her in amazement why they had to do this, she shouted that it was because the Jews had stolen Christmas.