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Terrible Phenomenon: Fire Tornado Appeared in California (VIDEO)

A rare phenomenon was observed during the fire in the city of Tenant, Northern California.

It is a fiery tornado, writes the BBC. “This is one of the latest signs of extreme weather threatening the western United States, which is facing severe drought and record high temperatures,” the BBC reported.

Although rare, similar phenomena have been observed several times in this area in the last few years.

Fiery tornadoes are created by pyrocumulonimbuses, or so-called fiery clouds that reach a height of 16 miles [16 km].

Pyrocumulonimbus occurs when, due to the extreme heat caused by mass fires, the air rises rapidly, carrying smoke with it and creating fiery whirlwinds. This creates anvil clouds that create very unpredictable weather conditions and make it difficult for firefighters to work.

These clouds can also create dry lightning, ie lightning that does not bring rain with it.

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