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At Tesla you can still play video games while driving.

But that will soon change, too. According to the Associated Press , Tesla was forced to update the software, which will prevent video games from being played while driving.

The United States National Road Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched an investigation after media outlets discovered that Tesla cars could be driven with video game mode on. The software was found to actually allow gaming while driving, which violates safety standards because the driver does not have a full view of the screen, which can be distracting.

Tesla Motors initially did not respond to the allegations, but eventually relented under pressure from US regulators. After the next software update, the Passenger Play feature will only be enabled while the car is idle, as was the case years ago with cars with TV and video projections.

NHTSA announced that despite the announced update, the investigation will remain open. NHTSA may require a formal recall, but will continue to monitor what happens to the software. It is about 580,000 models of Model 3, S, X and Y produced from 2017 until today, and NHTSA states that the function for playing while driving has been available since December last year.

So far, no traffic accidents caused by playing games have been reported, but one owner has filed a report. Vince Patton, 59, revealed last month that he could play games while driving. “Someone is going to die. “This is complete madness,” Patton said, stressing that he loves his Tesla and has nothing against the manufacturer. He is simply concerned about this feature.

Recall, NHTSA is also investigating Tesla autopilot on suspicion of causing a number of accidents.

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