We have the right to know the truth

Test: What do you miss in life?

This test will reveal to you how much you are in contact with your soul and reveal what is what you currently miss the most in life. Let’s find out together.

If you saw a butterfly:

If you saw a butterfly, what you are missing right now is freedom. You by nature really want to move in nature. More and more often you find yourself looking out the window. What you need right now is a vacation. Try to afford a “little escape”! Plan a weekend in nature, explore the surrounding forests, go somewhere where you will be intoxicated by peace. If you can not do that for some reason, try to find a “mental escape”. Find a refuge in a book, listen to old albums, try to write a diary.

You have to separate yourself from real life: try to find your own dimension!

If you saw two human faces:

What you miss the most right now is human contact. If you have seen two human faces talking to each other, then what you miss most is communication with people. You really miss a good conversation. Maybe it’s time to rekindle old friendships. Call old friends or family members you have lost contact with. Try to find solutions that will allow you to avoid looking at your mobile or computer.

In short, you need human contact!

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