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The Chinese Rover Sent The First Photo From Mars

China has released the first photos taken of its Jurong rover on Mars. The first photo shows a panorama in front of the robot located on the landing platform, while the second shows the solar panels of the rover from the rear. The Jurong landed on the Red Planet a few days ago, making China the second country after the United States to successfully land and operate a probe on the surface of Mars for a significant period of time. Chinese scientists hope the rover will be operational by at least 90 days in March. The Jurong is a six-wheeled rover located in Utopia Planitia, a terrain in the northern hemisphere of Mars.
China’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration has posted photos on its website, as well as short footage of the capsule used to enter the Martian atmosphere, leaving the Tianven-1 orbiter, the satellite carrying the rover from Earth. Surface photographs show that all post-landing processes were performed without any problems.

These include the development of solar panels that provide power to the rover, the extraction of an antenna to communicate with Tianven-1 and control of the mission in China, as well as providing a path that the rover will soon follow when it launches its mobile mission. The Jurong is very similar to the American rovers Spirit and Opportunity from the 2000s, weighs 240 kilograms, and has a high mast with cameras that take pictures and help navigate. Five added instruments are used to examine local rock mineralogy and the general nature of the environment, including weather conditions.
However, unlike the American, the Chinese rover has a laser tool that allows to assess the chemical composition of rocks, and has a radar to search for frozen water below the surface. When it comes to the location Utopia Planitia, it is believed to have formed after an impact early in the history of Mars. There is some evidence to suggest that the ocean once existed, and satellites suggest that it contains ice beneath the surface.

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