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The Granddaughter of the Legendary Nina Simon Attacked Kamala Harris: She Takes Everything From us! I will Have to be a Stripper to pay the Bills

The granddaughter of the legendary American singer Nina Simon, Rihanna Simon Kelly, has made a series of accusations against the current US Vice President, Kamala Harris, who accuses her of persecuting her family while she was the Attorney General in California, because of which at one point her mother tried to commit suicide.

She stated on Twitter that Harris took Nina Simon’s property from the family and handed it over to “white people”, reports “RT”. Because of that, she says, she is poor and “considering becoming a stripper to pay the bills”.

“She told the public that the funds had been misused, intimidated and harassed by my mother, who was then forced to stop managing the property,” she said.

“Our family does not manage her property, we did not get anything. You want to know who is responsible for this, ask Kamala Harris why she left my family,” she wrote in a tweet, adding: “Ask her why she separated my family. Why “My grandmother’s property is in chaos, because we have no right to anything anymore.”

Kelly claims that Harris intended to remove her mother Lisa Simon Kelly from the management of Nina Simon’s estate so that she would no longer be legally protected, so that she could then be prosecuted for embezzlement, which Rihanna says never happened. .

She adds that her mother was exposed to many rumors, and Harris directly accuses her that because of the numerous lawsuits she has opened, she is also directly to blame for her mother’s depression due to which she tried to commit suicide.

As she stated, Lisa Simon could not even say that she was Nina Simon’s daughter.

She accused the vice president of exceeding her authority because Nina Simon’s property is located in France. The singer lived, worked and died in that country.

Lisa Simon Kelly, also a singer, supported her daughter’s claims.

Kamala Harris did not respond to the allegations, but this is not the first time someone has re-examined her case while she was state attorney.

Rihanna Simon Kelly thinks that Harris has opened a whole lawsuit against her family on a personal level and that it is no coincidence that during the inauguration of Joe Biden the song “Feeling Good” was heard from her grandmother Nina Simon.

“Let’s ask Kamala why, after all the hardships she put on, Nina Siom’s song is heard while she was sworn in as vice president? She knew very well what she was doing,” said the singer’s granddaughter.

“My grandmother created something wonderful in her life, even when she was in pain. I am very proud of what she left behind, but I feel separated from my heritage, as if it is not mine at all. My heart is broken that whites “They make money from my grandmother’s hard work, and we had all the rights to her as a family, and now we have nothing,” she concluded.

Lisa Simon managed her mother’s property and a charity fund, but was accused of transferring $ 2 million to her company.

The court then demanded an additional $ 6 million, plus $ 2.5 million in interest, and eventually had to relinquish all copyright.

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