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The Head of the Sicilian Mafia Has Been Released

The head of the Sicilian mafia, Giovanni Brusca, has been released from prison after 25 years, reports the BBC. He will now serve a four-year suspended sentence.

Brusca has admitted his role in more than 100 murders, including the 1992 assassination of Italy’s top anti-mafia judge, Giovanni Falcone. One of his heinous crimes involves dissolving the body of a fourteen-year-old child in acid, which was the son of a spy.

Brusca was arrested in 1996, four years after an attack that killed Falcone, his wife and three police officers. After becoming a spy, he helped prosecutors hunt down members of the Cosa Nostra clan, Reuters reports.

He detonated half a ton of explosives planted under a street near Palermo, killing Falcone. The attack, like the assassination of Judge Paolo Borsellino two years later, shook Italy and resulted in new and tougher anti-mafia laws.

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