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The List of Afghans Entitled to Evacuate to the States has Been Expanded

The States has said it is expanding the evacuation of Afghan nationals at risk in their homeland due to growing Taliban violence, as the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan comes in recent weeks.

The State Department announced today that current and former Afghan employees of US aid and development agencies, as well as other US-funded humanitarian groups and US-based news organizations, are now eligible for US refugee status.

The decision comes as Taliban militants continue their offensive to seize territory in Afghanistan, where the United States and other foreign powers formally withdrew in May. The end of the US withdrawal is scheduled for August 31.

The United States has already begun evacuating thousands of immigrant visa applicants who are at risk of possible retaliation by the Taliban for working for the US government.

On Friday, July 30, the first group of 200 people arrived in the United States, 2,500 of whom went through all the steps to obtain visas, and approval is expected in the coming weeks.

The U.S. administration has previously said it is considering facilities across the United States and other countries that could house applicants and their families.

Special visas are available to citizens who have been hired as translators or other jobs for the US government since the 2001 US-led intervention in Afghanistan.

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