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The Man With The Longest Corona Experience Overcame The Disease: 42 Times Positive, 5 Times In Critical Condition

epa08337038 Medical staff put on protective clothing before treating a French patient at the intensive care unit of the University Hospital in Essen, Germany, 01 April 2020. The University Hospital Essen is treating eight patients from France who are seriously ill after being infected with the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease, reports state. EPA-EFE/FRIEDEMANN VOGEL

Dave Smith from Bristol went through a real Golgotha ​​during the fight against the coronavirus. Dave was ill for 10 months and during that time he was positive for the virus 42 times, and even had to be hospitalized seven times, five of which he was in critical condition. That makes him an infamous absolute record holder for coronavirus infection, the Guardian reports.

Smith, who has just recovered from leukemia, recovered only after receiving a cocktail of antibodies that helped former US President Donald Trump recover.

Like thousands of Brits, Dave Smith contracted the virus at the start of the first wave in 2020. However, although most infected people, including those suffering from the effects of “prolonged covidity”, eliminated the virus from their bodies after a few weeks, Smith faced an infection that was permanent and lasted 290 days, or almost 10 months. It is the longest-reported new coronavirus infection to date.

Smith was tested regularly during this period and 42 times the PCR test was positive. His condition was better in an hour, worse in an hour, but he even had to be admitted to the hospital 7 times. He was so ill five times that his wife began preparing for the funeral – to be told by the hospital to get out.

Smith says he was really in critical condition five times.

  • Believe me, when I was sick – I was really sick. “I was on the verge of death five times,” he said.

Smith, a retired driving instructor, was eventually cured with an antibody cocktail received by former US President Donald Trump. This cocktail, developed by Regeneron, contains two antibodies that target a protein in the jump of the root virus through which the corona attaches to the cell wall of human cells and then infects them.

That treatment is not officially recognized in the UK, but doctors decided to give him this boiler because they no longer had the opportunity to help him. Doctors also feared that a new variant of the coronavirus could be created inside Smith – a long-term infection, namely affecting mutations in the virus, which has been confirmed by some previous cases.

Ed Moran, an infectious disease consultant from Bristol, said there were not many such cases, maybe just a few. Some of them die in an instant, while in some “the disease subsides and returns”.

  • In some of these patients, the virus mutates as we see in the new variants. Therefore, we must not neglect them and we must provide them with appropriate therapy – it was said.

Most people who have persistent infections have previously undergone chemotherapy or have a genetic defect that prevents their body from making enough antibodies.

epaselect epa08161744 A picture released by Xinhua News Agency shows a medical worker checking the drip of a patient in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, 24 January 2020 (issued 25 January 2020). On 25 January, the National Health Commission of China confirmed the death toll from the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak has risen to 41 with 1,287 cases of patients infected as of 24 January. EPA/XIONG QI / XINHUA MANDATORY CREDIT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES

In 2019, Smith underwent chemotherapy for a diagnosis of leukemia. He was declared healthy to become ill again in March 2020.

For this reason, doctors believe that previously weakened immunity was the cause of such a long-lasting infection.

After receiving an antibody cocktail, Smith finally received a negative coronary test result after 45 days.

He and his wife celebrated this by opening a bottle of champagne.

  • For those ten months I could do almost nothing. The real experience for me was when I made my own cup of tea for my wife. She did everything for me for months, now I can finally do something for her. Some consequences remained for him. “I still can’t smell it and my lungs are in a very bad condition since I was on oxygen.”
epa08773216 A medical specialist escorts a patient to the hospital complex for patients with the COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, in the Kommunarka settlement in New Moscow, Russia, 25 October 2020. Russia is facing a second wave of coronavirus pandemic with more than 10,000 positive cases a day since last two weeks. EPA-EFE/MAXIM SHIPENKOV

However, he tries to be optimistic. He went to teach his niece to drive and to learn how to use it every day.

  • I will never be 100 percent healthier than before, but I do not care. Every day you get is a bonus. “You know, when you have to lie on the ground, you have to look up at the stars,” he said.

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