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The Removal of General Lee monument in Charlottesville Began(VIDEO)

In Charlottesville, Virginia, the removal of a statue of Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee began this morning, leading to violent white racist protests in 2017.

A report in London’s Guardian daily said Charlottesville city officials had announced that the monuments to General Lee and General Jackson would be removed from public space and moved to the city museum.

After the monument to General Lee was erected by crane and removed from the pedestal, Charlottesville Mayor Nikaya Walker delivered a speech stating that, among other things, “the removal of the statue is a small step closer to America’s goal of fighting the sin of the past when whites were “ready to destroy blacks for economic gain.”

Workers are expected to remove another monument associated with the Confederacy, the defeated side in the war against the abolition of slavery.

The gathered citizens applauded the removal of the statue from the pedestal in the park.

The presence of the police was visible, and the surrounding streets were closed to traffic.

Monuments to the Confederacy, a union of South American states that declared independence from the United States in 1861 to preserve the slavery system, have long been the subject of controversy.

Hundreds of statues of Robert Lee and other prominent Confederate figures still exist throughout the United States. Some consider them symbols of American history and culture.

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