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These Are The Countries With The Most Airports In The World

Having several landing and take-off options in one country is a prerequisite for cheaper airline tickets.

But not all countries boast a large number of airports.

But there are still countries that are record holders.

The United States has the most airports in the world. By 2013, the country boasted a huge number of 13,513 airports – one third of all airports on the planet.

In fact, the United States boasts three times as many airports as the second-ranked country, Brazil. Planes land at 4,093 seats on its territory.

In third place is Mexico with 1,714 airports – not a few, but in no way can it compete with its neighbors.

Including the number of public airports for private jets, not just commercial airlines, the United States has a staggering 19,536 airports in 2016.

According to statistics, the countries with the most airports are not necessarily the ones with the largest populations.

China and India, the two most populous countries on the planet, have 507 and 346 airports, respectively, ranking 14th and 21st.

Here is a list of the top ten countries with the most airports:

  1. United States – 13,513,
  2. Brazil – 4,093,
  3. Mexico – 1,714,
  4. Canada – 1,467,
  5. Russia – 1,218,
  6. Argentina – 1,138,
  7. Bolivia – 855,
  8. Colombia – 836,
  9. Paraguay – 799,
  10. Indonesia – 673.

26 countries have only one airport, such as Bermuda and Australia’s Christmas Island.

There are less than 10 airports in 79 countries around the world.

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