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They Designed a Protective Mask That Protects you and Purifies the Air

It is obvious that we will not walk around the world without a protective mask, such technological solutions are becoming more common.

At a time with tropical heat, barely breathing under protective masks, one company has introduced a portable personal air purifier. An international team of designers has introduced the Air-Ring, a nasal air purifier that creates a refreshing atmosphere of purified air around the wearer’s face.

In addition to allowing the wearer to breathe fresh air, the Air-Ring, thanks to its design, does not disturb the wearer and does not cover the face.

As they explain, the air enters through the filters located at the back of the air ring, goes through a purification process during which harmful particles are removed, sterilized with UV rays to remove pathogenic microorganisms and viruses and sent to the main chamber where residual odors and allergens are removed.

Fresh air is then sprayed in front of the user’s face. Depending on the selected face mask, which is connected to the system with magnetic couplings, users can adjust the level of protection – from a standard transparent mask to a fully secured respirator.

Air-Ring states that the battery should last all day.

Unfortunately, Air-Ring is not yet available to the public. According to the information currently available, a Kickstarter campaign is planned to provide supporters with more favorable and exclusive access to the first copies. However, it is not yet known whether these copies will be in the hands of users.