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Trump Argues that Americans “Should be Afraid” of a Nuclear War with Russia

Speaking to Podcast on Wednesday, former US President Donald Trump addressed his fears of a possible escalation of the situation in Ukraine as NATO, backed by the United States, offered its support amid Russia’s ongoing conflict with its neighbor.

Asked if the situation could escalate into a nuclear war, hitting Joe Biden, Trump said Americans “should be afraid because we have incompetent people running our country.”

When asked by the host whether the threat was likely to be “immediate”, Trump said the situation was “serious” and condemned the current administration’s claim that it did not want to fight Russia because it was a nuclear power as a “weakness”.

While acknowledging that Russia is indeed a nuclear power, Trump reminded listeners that America also has nuclear capabilities that would deter Moscow from aggression. Despite this, however, he acknowledged that there was a “chance” of a world war, given the current tensions.

The former president’s comments followed a appearance on the Republican National Committee’s “True America” ​​YouTube show, in which he claimed that Biden had been “pushed” by Russian President Vladimir Putin and said he did not think the United States was “ever lower than is now. “

The United States has 5,428 nuclear weapons, including those actively deployed, stored, and retired, according to the Federation of American Scientists (FAS). The FAS estimated earlier this year that Russia had 5,977 nuclear warheads, which is close to those of the United States.

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